About Me


My name is Klemen Dobrota and I have a deep passion for understanding the intricacies of growing your online business. For years I have spent many countless hours researching and mastering the techniques used for effective social media marketing campaigns, internet marketing strategies and email marketing techniques that are commonly leveraged by many popular agencies.

I am a firm believer that today’s business professionals must master the fine art of social media engagement, promotion and content creation to be successful in today’s digital world. With a boatload of information available, it becomes hard to pinpoint practical strategies and techniques designed to help you build your brand employing social media marketing tactics. This is where I come in, I specialize in providing business owners and entrepreneurs with the tools and tactics designed to make social media work for them. The plan is simple really, help like-minded go-getters take advantage of the many resources available to create and grow the businesses they are passionate about.

Internet marketing, brand strategy and a strong social media presence are crucial to the success of a modern business in the digital age. I believe that all individuals and businesses need a compelling and dynamic online presence that will ensure clients and partners both future and present can find them, develop a trusting relationship and ultimately do business with them.