Website Traffic Generation – Steps To Effectively Drive Traffic

Website Traffic Generation is crucial to your success! If no one knows about your website and no-one visits then you will not be able to share your wonderful products or services. Worst yet, you will not make any money. Lots of people will give you ideas of how to drive traffic to your site and we have tried many of them. If your site does not appear within the first 1-2 pages of a search then your chances of getting someone to find your site are incredibly low.


1. Keyword optimization

The first thing you must do to get traffic to your site is to build a site that is keyword optimized. Your site must be built around a niche that’s not so narrow that there’s no profit potential, but not so big that it gets lost among all the other competing sites. You will need to build a website that is focused around keywords that are in high demand and low supply.


2. In-bound linking

The second critical online marketing method is to get other people to link their websites back to yours. That is called in-bound linking. Why do you want in-bound links? Because it provides more opportunities for people to reach your site by going through someone else’s site. How many times have you been on a site and saw something interesting that led you to someone else’s site? That’s the concept. It’s another way to drive traffic to your site without a whole lot of effort on your part.
You do this by writing articles that pertain to your website niche. Then submit the articles to as many article directories as possible. Ezine Articles is a good example. You’ll make sure to put your website link in each article you write and that’s what creates the back-link. This process will get you indexed by the search engines quickly and favorably. Are you the person who feels you don’t write well enough to write effective articles and you worry about proper grammar? Remember, when you write an article people are looking for good information and are more interested in what’s being written. That’s not to say you shouldn’t be aware of grammar and punctuation. What I’m saying is, know your subject and write informative articles for internet marketing. Writing articles brands “you” as an expert and builds your credibility. They will want to click the links that lead to your website. Of course, you should always proofread your articles and use spell check, but don’t be afraid to write articles.


3. Pay-Per-Click

The third website traffic method is to use Pay-Per-Click. Pay-Per-Click will drive traffic to your site immediately because you are actually paying for your site’s position on the internet. Here’s how it works. Search results will show your site at the top of the page or somewhere on the side based on your keyword choice. While Pay-Per-Click is very effective, it can also be expensive. Since you are paying for your position, it is important to make sure you have really discovered the niche for your business and the best keywords to get people to your site. You must have a designated budget for advertising. You can find out how much money should be allocated for Pay-Per-Click promotions by using online tools like Google Adwords.


4. Blog

The fourth and last thing to watch out for is to blog. Blogging is arguably the best tool in your arsenal for the creation of consistent traffic. As with article writing and building links, the quality of your content will be instrumental in your ability to generate traffic via your blog. If your website visitors like what you have to say, there is a good chance that they may link to your blog so blogging also increases your ability to acquire back links to your website. And most importantly, Blogs are currently ranked very highly by the search engines like Google due to their ability to deliver fresh content.

While any one of the traffic generation strategies above can make a major difference, I suggest using all of them combined. This will give you the most traffic possible in the shortest amount of time. The more effort you put into the tactics provided in this article the more they will work for you.

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